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Chemist sought by Chem32 LLC, 3070 Burnett St., Orange, Texas 77630

Performs analytical testing of raw materials, in-process samples, finished products in accordance with company SOPs. Sample preparation and testing of inorganic materials samples following ASTM procedures and specific procedures developed internally and requested by customers. Monitors Quality control procedures and results according to ISO-9001-2008. Responsible for quality control test methods, laboratory maintenance, safety precautions, sample inventory database and proper waste disposals as well as daily work on specific instruments like UV-VIS spectroscopy, PH-meter, Extraction Instruments, pilot plant reactors etc. Troubleshoots operates and maintains lab instruments. Calibrates LECO, ANTEK and UV-Vis chromatography for analysis of organic and inorganic materials in solids and liquids. Develops products, formulas, processes and analytical methods and development.

Based upon research outcome, prepares reports and recommendations including data interpretation and analysis using statistical programming and Microsoft Office. Conducts research to gain further understanding of the complex chemical combinations and reactions and develops recommendations for scale up of processes to plant scale. Operates and maintains pilot catalyst processing reactor with data logger including reporting and analysis of results. Supervises work conducted by lab tech.

Requires a Master of Science (M. S.) in Chemistry – Thesis based and 2 years’ industrial or academic R&D experience, including: supervision of lab techs, analytical testing of chemical/physical properties in materials for quality control & compliance w/9001-2008 standards; and in analytical techniques, including spectroscopy, chromatography, method development, instrument operation, maintenance, trouble shooting and data interpretation.

Must possess certificates for Statistical Programming (SAS/SPSS) and Microsoft Office Package.

Send resume and minimum salary requirement to S. Marklund, Manager, 3070 Burnett St., Orange, Texas 77630